We live in an unpredictable world where certainty and safety have become valuable commodities. We prefer it if things were clear cut; either black or white.

But how do you live life in the ‘grey’?

Most of us are expecting to live life either in black or white. Life needs to be predictable and clear cut. Uncertainty and failure have almost become taboo. And here in lies a gap between expectation and reality; between the real and the ideal. And it’s this gap that creates a lot of the perpetual stress and anxiety we experience. So how do you close this gap? Well it’s not so much a question of trying to close the gap as it is what I like to call ‘minding the gap’. Maybe life isn’t about trying to get your expectations of life and the reality of life to overlap, but more about being aware that the gap exists and then being able to live with the gap i.e. living in the grey.

And so my ‘mind the gap’ philosophy came to fruition. You are probably wondering ‘how do I mind the gap? This is where my 3 S’es of safety come in and their primary aim is to help you create a sense of safety for yourself. I use three integrated techniques to help you live life in the gap: somatic (TRE), suspiration (breathing) and the psyche (mindfulness). To find out more about these please go to the TRE page.